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Pizza Pizza Frosh Week

frosh food truck
tray liners
student handbook and coupons
Social Media tent

Between August 31 and September 15 2017, Pizza Pizza was participating in its 3rd Annual Frosh Week Campus tour. The tour involved visiting 10 university campuses across Ontario and Quebec to welcome new students to the school. The objective of participating was to get a captive audience of frequent pizza buyers to choose Pizza Pizza above another pizza and food option available to them.


This micro campaign was the branch off of a larger campaign to promote the company’s new pizza recipe and their continued use of fresh ingredients. The project challenge was to re-engage a substantial portion of Pizza Pizza’s existing and perspective audience with a youthful approach to this new campaign and get positive social content that was both authentic and fun. All the campaign pieces created were also required to be in both English and French due to Pizza Pizza’s tour locations.


The chosen strategy to entice students to consider the refreshed pizza was to travel around to each stop with a food truck. The food truck would hand out free samples of the new pizza. To get the students excited and engaged we created a social media campaign to showcase authentic photos of their pizza to present to their friends through word of mouth that Pizza Pizza is not the old pizza you remember. We created the hashtag of #SharetheMoment” so students could share their pizza “moment” and their thoughts on the new flavour and acquire user generated content that people could follow. In order to jumpstart the photosharing, a photo contest was held at the frosh week with a branded photo booth. 

The solution was to create a food truck vehicle wrap that was instantly recognizable whether it was on the road or seen from a distance in a crowded frosh week event.


The goal was create a wrap that was social media ‘photo-worthy”. The pepperoni pizza background was chosen for it’s instant iconic recognizability. This pepperoni theme was tied into the backdrop for the photobooth and the prizes that could be won.


Although the Frosh Week event was only a couple of days long. As part of their student based strategy that rolled out at the same time, several other pieces were created for this campaign. For the cafeterias at the Universities, a food tray liner was created to promote the new pizza taste. Part of the ongoing student strategy was advertisements in every college and university agenda that showcased photos taken from the #SharetheMoment campaign that real people took of their pizza and menu items and to promote for you to share your food too.

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