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Pizza Pizza Email Blasts

The Pizza Pizza email blasts are an important part of the company’s online marketing strategy and are distributed to advertise seasonal deals, new products and promotions. One of the design challenges of these blasts was to ensure that they stand out in a potentially crowded inbox. No less important was the fact that they had to be designed in both of Canada’s official languages, as the markets in which these cards are distributed both have large English and French communities. Finally, Pizza Pizza’sbranding had to be strong so that a prospective customer would know at a glance what the email is advertising and feel compelled enough to purchase it over other brands.


In order to stand out, each email blast was made with a clean and simple design. They each focus on only a few select images and text chosen to highlight the advertised products against suggestive backdrops. In addition, all the elements of the design emphasize and accentuate the advertised products’ freshness and quality. This was done with the intention not only of showcasing Pizza Pizza’s products in an enticing light, but to have them visually stand out in a sea of emails.

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