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Water Wagon

Water Wagon at event
Water Wagon at event
Water Wagon graphics
Water Wagon A-frame
Water Wagon brochure

 Niagara Region Water Wagon, has been around for ten plus years helping promote the use tap water over single use plastic water bottles. Today the needs for the Water Wagon have changed. The older vehicle had a significantly smaller capacity than needed and it did not keep the water as cold for as long. The Water and Wastewater team determined that due to increasing demands for the Water Wagon that it was time for a relaunch. 


The primary challenge of the Water Wagon is to transform resident’s perception that tap water is “gross” or “unclean.” Despite the fact that Niagara’s local water supply meets and succeeds drinking water standards. The Water Wagon is vital part of Niagara Region’s continued efforts to raise awareness about the high-quality tap water available to residents. As well as their concerted efforts to promote environmentally friendly options to residents and visitors. Also promoting the fact that drinking tap water saves you money and water bottles are sold at much higher inflated prices. 


The final challenge is although the water wagon goes to many events a year, the festival/event goers are unaware of the service. The festival attendees at the event do not know to bring their reusable bottles with them. 

For the relaunch the team requested a modern logo. The second required piece was the vehicle wrap. From the vehicle wrap the look and feel would be tied into all the other educational and promotional pieces necessary.  The water events team requested additional pieces such as: stickers, brochure,  a-frame sign, reusable water bottles, employee shirts, business cards and more.


The social media graphics were identified as an essential strategy. The graphics would help with residents who want to use the water wagon but had not known it was going to be at an event.


The graphic elements were selected to reinforce the cleanliness and freshness of the water. All creative was branded with these elements so they were strongly identified as parts of a whole campaign. 


There were two campaign slogans created for two distinct purposes. The first slogan was promoting the environmental and clean water aspects and Niagara water services. This first slogan “I Love Tap Water” was emblazoned on stickers, water bottles, shirts, etc. as a badge of pride for wearers and users of the wagon. This slogan encourages people who might be wary of tap water but if they see others use and love it, it will support them make the switch. The second slogan was for the events driven part of the relaunch. The slogan “Thirsty?” was created to help drawn residents who are at the events who would make the decision to follow the signage based on their need to drink. Since the water wagons events take place in the summer and all are outdoors there is a good chance that you are indeed “thirsty” and seeking a refreshing option.

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