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Community Services Rebrand

community services brochure samples
Senior Services Brochure sample
Social media samples
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Niagara Region Community Services was in need of brand refresh. There was no previous cohesive look and each piece of material had its own different identity. It's vital that brand identity be consistent. Because it's representing and reinforcing the brand, the message and look portrayed by components needs to be clear, and it needs to be the same no matter where it's displayed. 


Purpose of Community Service Visual Identity:

  • Create a consistent unified look and feel for all Community Services so it can be recognized by the public easily and see what services we provide

  • Give each division their own colour to differentiate the sections but keep the same design elements so they still look like they belong under the same umbrella of visual system

  • Strengthen public awareness and recognition of Community
    Service programs

To help differentiate and distinguish the work from the Community Services department, five colours were selected to represent each division as well as a triangular pattern that carries over each division as the overarching design elements that ties the areas of service together.

Since the rebranding has been established this look has been utilized on a wide variety of items such as: pop up banners, social media graphics, posters, brochures, internal communications and etc.

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