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Freelance Projects

corduroy chair business card
Corduroy Chair
Ivana's Cleaning Service
Ivana's Cleaning Service
One Source Moving Solution's pop banner
OneSource Moving Solutions Brochure
OneSource Moving Solutions Postcard


The Corduroy Chair is a small business focused on painting and refashioning furniture, and creating unique home décor pieces. The business name comes from the iconic corduroy chair that the owner uses when they are creating their pieces. Done in a vectored style that closely resembles the real thing to maintain a sense of authenticity, the chair also serves as the logo which is prominently displayed on the business card. The card has a colour palette similar to what the owner of the business utilizes for their pieces, and decorative flourishes which also exemplify their vibe.


With more than 15 years of experience, Ivana’s Cleaning Service is a small business focused on providing general home cleaning. The business card utilizes a clean and fresh colour palette and design in order to be immediately attractive to the eye. It also intends to showcase the many services Ivana offers to her clients. Rather than listing these in word-form, this was achieved through the use of flat design graphics which line the front of the card. This was done in keeping with the modern, minimalist approach to the card, again with the intention of being visually appealing.


OneSource Moving Solution is a “one stop” source for information, advice and assistance to help older adults, professionals and families transition from one home to another in a positive environment while maintaining their control and dignity. Utilizing an already established brand, I created numerous marketing materials to help attract new clientele with a refreshed look and feel to appeal to wider audience.

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